PSA: Creators Bug


Please don’t post about Rewards payments, complain about your region not being supported, or any of that. Only reply here if you meet the criteria mentioned below and make sure all comments/posts are related to this topic. Thanks!

We had @riseofshadows and others share yesterday about how the newer versions of Release are showing even Verified Creators ad Unverified. I tested and it was true even of myself. I then tested on Nightly and it works as intended. This is something that hopefully will be worked on and resolved by Brave.

In the meanwhile, however, there are still some sites that show Unverified on both Release and Nightly. I have no way of knowing if they are in supported regions because I don’t work for Brave and can’t access that information. However, I have contacted Brave on the issue and they said it would be helpful if we can report to them any sites that DO NOT show Verified Creator status despite being Verified Creators. As a result, I’ve made this topic.

So do me a favor and IF you meet the criteria below, I want you to check your sites and see if you’re affected.

IF you:

  1. Have a Creators Account
  2. Have it linked to Uphold or Gemini
  3. Live and verified your account completely in a supported region (country listed here)

Then I’d like to test your sites to see if it shows you as a Verified Creator. If possible, check on both Nightly and Release. If you only have Release (the normal version of Brave) and your site/content shows as Unverified, you can always share your site information and we can check it on Nightly and let you know if it shows verified.

I’m asking for people to do this so if there’s anyone else not showing verified that should be, Brave might be able to identify the issue. Right now we know there’s likely a version specific issue/bug within 1.45.118. But not sure if there’s any other problems.

I’d like to get a list compiled for Brave, if possible, so we can try to get this resolved for everyone.


@tran is a user who dm’ed me about this. He’s from UK, and is using Uphold.

@Mattches or @SaltyBanana can you close this topic?

Unfortunately seems nobody on Community wanted to contribute and most of the responses were all off topic. I know the team is working on it anyway and some people were able to contribute via messaging, where I passed on info to Chriscat.

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