Verified Uphold acc can't connect to BraveCreator


i already wrote privately to user @Mattches and @steeven , but i guess it won’t hurt if i publish my problem here so everybody can see it and hopefully help me ASAP, because i already missed 2 payment dates. I saw there are a lot of guys with same problem like I have and you helped some of them.

I verified my Uphold before long time, and it’s connected to Brave account but last days i can see error message
" We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting"

I checked with Uphold, their support confirmed my account is fully verified and I should contact Brave so they can fix this error from their side.

This is current situation in my creator dashboard:

I tried reconnecting, message disappears for few hours and again it appears.

Can you please resolve this. Thank you in advance and best regards!


same my problem. hope they can fix as soon as possible. i don’t wanna miss my reward this month

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yes the same problem here can’t connect to brave creator, I tried reconnecting, message disappears for few hours and again it appears. it shows a message " We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting"

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Did anyone found solution for this problem?

It’s ridiculous how we don’t have official support with this kind of errors. Errors which must be solved by Brave team and our earnings are at stake once again . I really hope this bug won’t affect processing of payment this month. :confused:

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I get the same problem, if you some day resolve this please let me know

@Rafucho it’s impossible for us (creators) to resolve this. Someone from Brave team must fix this error. I just hope someone will see that we, guys who are pushing their project, have problem and do something about that.

If anyone here knows how to contact someone from support team please, help us. I can see i’m not the only one with this problem.

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@Mattches any update? Same problem with many creators

I guess we will miss another payment because nobody cares… this is a joke now…

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This was an issue that should have already been resolved (twice). Disconnecting/reconnecting should have fixed the issue on yoru account. I will reach out to the Rewards team again for another look.

we’ll apreciate that, it’s impssible verifiy my wallet

Something weird is happening, before 2 hours that notice disappeared again. Now after i read your message i thought… finally it’s solved, but then i logged into my creator account again and i see notice is there, again.

I tried disconnecting/connecting before day but it didn’t work. @Mattches does this mean we (users with this error) will miss another payment since it’s end of 8th in month?

Should i try reconnecting again, will i lose my place in this months payment because of disconnecting tonight?


I was just informed that another fix for this issue has been pushed – can anyone here encountering this issue try (again) reconnecting their Uphold account to their Creator account?

Thank you.

I don’t see error message anymore. Status is still the same “Payout In Progress”

Should i reconnect again? How long does it take to process payout?

I did so, many times and nothing ever happen

Wao you have a lot of BAT


hello can i ask what is this?

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