NOTICE: A bug was discovered in Creators - please do NOT login until this issue is resolved

We have discovered a bug in the Creators code that may result in your custodial account being disconnected from your Creator account if you login before the fix is in.

The good news is that we already have a fix for this issue and we should have it implemented shortly. I will return to this thread when the fix is pushed.

THank you.


Hate this to be my first post here, but what should one do if they already logged in to their publisher dashboard in the past hour or two?

I only noticed this thread after the fact, and the following error is being displayed: “It looks like we’re unable to read transactions from your Uphold account. This affects the ability to generate statements for direct contributions”. Hope I don’t have to jump through any crazy hoops, and thanks for the update.

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The fix is now pushed and everything should be okay.

@bufanzo if you logout then log back in you should be all good to go


Shoot, did that, and cleared cookies from too. Still getting the aforementioned error on the statements page, and the following on the dashboard itself: “We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting”, with a “Continue to Verify” link next to it, that does nothing when clicked, except bring me to Uphold (which itself is working fine). Additionally, on the statements page, there’s a link to “re-authorize with Uphold”, which doesn’t appear to do anything when clicked either.

Strangely, my wallet is connected and verified in rewards, the creators dashboard shows my Uphold wallet as connected, and both Brave Browser and Brave Rewards are shown as active under the Integrations section of my Uphold account. Any clues or anything to be concerned about here?

P.S. Been verified on Uphold for about a year now. Never had a problem with Uphold itself.

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(Traslate this pls)

Yo tengo el mismo error con Uphold. Me sale que hay problemas de comunicación con Uphold y no me gustaría solucionarlo para poder recibir los BATs de este mes ¿Que puedo hacer?

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Your dashboard is basically the same as mine. I’m assuming that since we’re still connected and verified, everything will turn out OK. Hoping to hear that this gets completely sorted out from someone in the know soon.

the problem has not been fixed, I just checked my publisher and it still has the same error. I am worried, hope it will be solved soon :cry: @steeven @Mattches

I tried to disconnect and reconnect my uphold but the problem continues …

this means we will get this month payout on time or it will foward to next???
@Mattches @steeven

issue still exist…

Same problem please help

SSame problem.

issue still persist, please check again

Hi!, I have the same problem.error uphold

Thank you all for reporting. The team is aware of the issue and are working to get this fixed (again) as soon as possible. For those of you worried – there should be no data loss or loss of funds in your Creator account.

I will be sure to reply here when I have more information – thank you all for your patience.


We await your sooner solution, we will be attentive to any update

I also encountered the same situation. Will this month’s payment be regular or will it move to the next month?