Creator payments MISSING

Hi @steeven / @Mattches,
Since March 5 the Brave Creators website said that my payout was currently generating, I know that payouts officially start on March 8 but we are at day 13 and I haven’t been payed yet. I check every day if there is any change in the Creators website and the surprise was that today the message that said that the payment was currentlygenerated disappeared and it no longer gives me any information about when I will receive the BAT.
I would appreciate any help :slight_smile:


I have same problem from last year. My money never get in my uphold wallet.


I am also having the same issue just created the account here to make a thread.

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I am having the same problem. seems to be pretty common

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Hi, i have the same problem, any help please?

Is it only me, or is the Brave support not working in this community? Looks to me as if only the members are giving some what answers, while we are looking for answers from “


Well, having spent 12 hours and no response (in my case), I think so.

Hey guys …

I have the same issue, ive never recieved payout from creators account though it being linked to uphold.

However ive been tinkering around to see if i missed annything.

It just so happens that the uphold card that my creators account was linked to didnt have a cryptoadress, i had to click generate adress to create one.

I was wondering if u guys would be so kind as to go chek if this is the case for u aswell. Because if so, we could work within community to resolve manny peobles issues if indeed this is the common denominator.

Could end up saving alot of folks some unneeded frustrations, and save Brave support from exessive work load.

I too have sent DM to support members getting no reply…

Pretty sure theyre working hard to help everyone, but if issue if on uphold/gemini side, then theyre fighting an uphill battle.

Note: I have yet to discover if this (fix) is what is needed, but im intrested in finding out if it was single incident, or if others are experiencing the same.

Pls reply with ur findings

Thank u in advance :wink:

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In my case, everything is correct and the addresses are fine, I had the verification message until the 12th if I remember correctly. But even without the message, I have not received anything.

Do you use Gemini or Uphold mainly?


That would be uphold :slightly_smiling_face:

Allso note: I have never had issues with being payed the ad rewards.
This though may have to do with the fact, that it is and different Uphold card.


I don’t think it has anything to do with the card addresses, although it would be nice if someone else could confirm it.

Cheers for participating in troubleshooting

Hope we all can find a solution to the issues at hand

Good day to u


same issue here as well.


3 days and no response?


That’s it! And I tagged two developers, so they should be able to see the post.


Let’s see if there is any luck and he responds soon.

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Hi all, if you haven’t received your contributions payout for March please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks in advance!