Problem BAT after update


I have a problem: After a brave update yesterday, my bat disappeared on Brave. In addition, I no longer receive any bat. the counter is on 0 since the update…

Thanks to help me!

Android 11; Build/RKQ1.200826.002

Brave 1.57.53, Chromium 116.0.5845.114

Region: France

Umm, does it show you still show you connected to Uphold / Gemini ??

Also, whats the shown at brave://rewards-internals

Yes, it’s show I’m still connected to upload.

But in rewards internal, there are a lot of errors in log. See files i upload.
I never watch the log, thanks for adress…
I start rewards 19/08. Before yesterday, I saw BAT in Brave. Thanks a lot.

Could you go to the brave://rewards page and share a screenshot ?

Also, could you go and check in Uphold if its actually 0 BAT, there’s sometimes that the Brave BAT is on another BAT card and therefore can’t be viewed in brave rewards but the BAT is still at Uphold

Of course, here it is :point_down:
There is also 0 Bat on upload.

That is weird. In any case, the BAT which was at Uphold would always be there. I am not sure why it must have disappeared. @Saoiray anything you think could have happened causing so?

There are 0 BAT on uphold, I started 18 August. All BAT was on Brave. Today, like yesterday, BAT is 0! it does not increase anymore! On the other hand the number of ads seen increases, as well as the estimate of the month’s gain…

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