Lost Bat after Brave update

I’ve been using brave browser for over a year but never collected rewards as I didn’t have access to my passport which was in storage. Verified uphold account today and got a success message but then immediately got a message saying Bat rewards server was unavailable and to try again later. I googled this issue and saw it was very common without any easy fixes. So then I checked my version of brave and I had a very early version so I updated. Now all my bat is gone. Is there a way to get it back? I’ve gone from having multiple dollars to just a few cent. This is extremely frustrating so any help appreciated.


I have the same problem today. Browser updated and 190 of my BAT vanished along with all of my saved passwords. Made a thread about it a little while ago. Brave team are pretty good about sorting things out. But they’re also very busy, so it may take a bit.

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Same Problem. Any solution yet?


Same problem, even thought I only started using Brave browser this week. The viewed ads number remained the same, but estimated upcoming BAT ammount was taken back to 0.

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Same issue for me, after changing my PC for a new one. I can restore my wallet with the pass phrase but there is 0 BAT on it. I had about 15 BAT before.

Can someone please help me? I am new to Brave and this platform and its not making very much sense to me, I installed Brave on a old computer years ago and sent my BAT to it from Binance, when setup Brave on my new computer and used my seed phrase to restore my wallet, there is 0 Bat, i had hundreds of them i bought from binance and they are missing. Please someone help ?

Almost 2 weeks since I posted about this issue. Do the mods respond at all?

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