BAT not Appearing after connecting to Uphold


I had 1 BAT and I connected a verified Uphold Wallet to Brave.

Since then I cannot see the BAT which I had.

Can you please help what is the issue?

Like for example how to get it back or transfer it to my Uphold account?


Clearly, they are having issues with the rewards, the last month something similar happened, and i get 0,55999999999999999999999999999 BAT (yes, this number) 5 days later from the actual deliver date. And now, they should gave me BAT on Dec 6th, and never receive. I hope they will deliver in coming days.

I was actually able to claim it using my unverified wallet and I received it.
So i thought maybe after connecting to Uphold the BAT would be transferred automatically.
But now even if I disconnect uphold I cannot see the BAT. But I can see that I have claimed 0.75 this month in the statement section.
I am also unable to claim the rewards on my Huawei P40 lite

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