My BATs are gone and i'm not receiving more, AGAIN!

Before the last actualization i had like 6,5 bat, now i have 1,72, and it’s not increasing after ads, also i still havent received the payout to Uphold since February. Can someone help? This is the third time i am here asking for support for the same problem and each time i have to add a new one.

All the BATs that have disappeared shall be credited to you.

And the second problem isn’t because of Brave, it depends on the locations you are at. I myself sometimes get ads and sometimes don’t.

Instead of restoring my BATs, they took the rest, now im at 0 BATs,

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Thats true, I also lost my bat tokens. There are some serious bugs which they didn’t address yet . Hope they do it soon.

Version 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I lost my all bats too.
Even I can’t get any payment since March 2021.
Even my reward counter doesnt work since a few weeks.

There seems to be way too many complaints regarding ppl who are not receiving their BAT rewards from Brave and absolutely Nothing is getting done about the issue so what should we do? Go back to using Chrome or Opera because if ir happens to me, ill just never use this browser again and the only reason I switched was because of the rewards or else I would still be using Chrome!

Whoevers in charge of such matters within Brave needs to address these issues because its straight unprofessional that know one acknowledges them at all.

I just bought a new phone and basically Im screwed because some lazy ass individual cant come up with a way to backup a wallet this way they can easily just restore it in the new device but NO because they dont wanna pay the damn rewards in the first place. Thays the issue, plain and simple!!


I have been using Brave for 6+ months and haven’t faced 1 issue. All the people who don’t face any issue don’t make any posts so the only posts you see here are the ones with issues.

Also, I recommend you to test the browser properly before critiquing it.

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It is not up to browser. At the end of the week had 0.299 BAT, but now awarding for few days 0.274 BAT! New acc ballance stars with 0.000 BAT. Its up to their server

The difference between 0.299 and 0.274 isn’t a lot.

The difference is 0.05 BAT which is around $0.04… This happens due to some kind of rounding off

No, it’s not 0.05 difference, and during that ‘rounding’ system use universal currency. So, in that case - in moment of rounding, it would be the same amount in $, but and in that case amount is lower. Or they steal from users or their server has a bug - skipping awards, not counting some hours … (but not transferring ‘skipped’ amounts on the next calculating periods)

I think you forgot about something called TAX.

Any crypto app takes in tax for every transaction.
So, they too have to pay for it.

I had 13 bat now i am left with only 7 bat I didnot receive July payout as well , since last two weeks i didn’t receive a single ad i don’t know why

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