Missing BAT after update a few weeks ago

Hi everyone, i just notice that all the rewards from one of my device did not come to my uphold account after the update which connect uphold wallet to brave.

I did everything asked before the update but the BAT disapearde.

Do you know how to get them back ?


@Crok What update? I’m guessing maybe language barrier and wrong phrasing?

When did you connect to Uphold?

Yes i’m not native english speaker :sweat_smile:

1 or 2 month ago, Brave said that i had to connect to my uphold account or my rewards would be lost. I tried many times but had error message saying that there was a security issue.

Today i checked again and my uphold account is connected but the rewards did not come on my account.

So i guess the connection was pending and it did get through 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for help

I wish you could have been here to share exact message. If you did not get Uphold connected, then of course you wouldn’t receive anything.

If it did not connect because of security issue before, how did it suddenly get connected now? Somebody had to have it connected. When did that connection successfully occur?

This is unlikely. As you have explained it is definitely strange.

Let us go with an assumption. Perhaps you did not manage to connect before the sunsetting occurred, so you lost all your vBAT. This means you connected in November (which may align with your thought of like 3 weeks ago)

If that is the situation, you would have had no immediate payments and you only would have begun to earn BAT from the moment you connected. You should have seen Earnings so far or Estimated earnings in your browser and it would track how many ads you see.

These earnings from November is what will be paid to us this month. Payments begin around the 7th of each month. You would be able to track the overall status at Ads Payout Status Update

If you truly believe you linked to Uphold prior to the end of October and that you’re owed BAT, you can create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 and someone from Brave will investigate. But it might take them a few weeks to respond due to us being in the midst of payouts occurring and all.

Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

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