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Description of the issue: I recently formatted my pc and i reinstalled brave and everything was fine but i realized brave is so laggy on sites it shouldnt be laggy on. For example on it is so laggy almost unplayable and im not sure why. As well as and the list goes on. How can i fix this? (PS. those sites worked complelty fine before i reset my pc.
How can this issue be reproduced? N/A

Expected result: N/A

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.37.116

Additional Information: I have tried Brave Beta and it didnt fix any problem i also tried disabling Hardware Accerlation same issues.

Disabling hardware acceleration may make it feel more laggy, since it won’t use your GPU.

What does Task manager show? Can you also test private window mode?


I recently had a similar issue. If you are by chance using an Nvidia card try a reset of its global settings on the Nvidia control panel and make sure background application max frame rate is off. I was able to trace my own performance problems back to that particular setting after the recent update.

My GPU Process goes to 400% CPU and NItroType uses 13% CPU. Private window makes it even worse.

I have an AMD Card. I tried looking for any framerate limits on the AMD app and i didnt find any.

Bumping this post! Still never got a solution.

Bought to hop on duckduckgo beta once its outs or Epiphany browser, this browser is getting so annoying.

@clap Don’t know if these will help or not, just something else you might want to try if you haven’t already and are still experiencing issues.

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