Sluggish Since Last Update with Some Sites Freezing Completely

I’m running the latest version of Brave 1.37.109 on Windows 11 build 22000.556 with the latest updates. Brave is sluggish since the last update and freezes completely when I go to this link:

With all extensions disabled, I’m showing 8 processes running on a blank page. When I go to the above link, my CPU goes from 18% and continues to rise without any interaction from me. The page itself is unresponsive. The problematic process ID appears to be 5872, whatever that is. It then shows an “Aw, snap” error code RESULT_CODE_HUNG. When I terminate that process manually, then process 2636 starts acting weird with heavy resource usage, although the previous webpage closed. When I terminate that one, Brave appears stable, although there are still 7 processes running.

Also of interest, when I have extensions enabled, and open a blank page, I show 14 processes running, but they’re using normal resources (almost zero). And not all websites are problematic. For example, the Brave community page appears to run normal, albeit with 15 processes running.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Brave from scratch. None of my other browsers display any problems. And this wasn’t happening until the latest Brave update. Hopefully, this is enough information to help others replicate it and find a solution. Thank you.


  1. Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData Clear browsing history, images and cache.

  2. Open Command prompt as administrator then flush DNS by entering ipconfig /flushdns

  3. Restart machine

  4. If you still have issue with
    disable Brave shield.


Thank you, @CerealLover. Switching the fingerprint blocking from strict to standard seems to have done the trick. I’m just don’t know why, or what’s changed in the latest update to cause that. It’s never happened before. Nonetheless, it resolves my issue here. Thanks again.

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When I try to go to your link for obsidian, the page is unresponsive.

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