High load on computer resources, slow Brave

After a few months of torment, I quit this browser. Brave is causing my computer’s performance problems. While using Brave there are system freezes, it runs slowly and there is 100% disk usage. Brave community entries are closed after a while without any help. I also have Opera, Opera GX, Chrome, Firefox and Edge installed on my computer. Only Brave causes problems. Sad to say, but it’s a really useless browser with non-existent tech support.

Hey @urbie

youtube will use your GPU (if acceleration is enabled).

  • What GPU do you have?
  • Does turning off GPU acceleration via brave://settings/system
  • Disable all extensions
  • Re-test performance
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Hey @Arkpra Have you tried a clean profile? Try using Brave Beta as a test, no extensions. Then how does it perfom?

Hey, thanks for your reply. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. I have a weaker computer (Amd Phenom and GTX 1050, 8 GB memory), so saving resources is important to me. Other browsers don’t burden my computer as much as brave. I’ve been trying to fix the brave problem since November 2020. No result.

1050 is a bit low end (I have a 1660Ti in my laptop), GPU performance might still be okay. Though maybe 1080p would the most i’d try for without pushing resources.

I would ensure you have the latest GPU drivers, you could try tweaking the following to see if it helps.


Maybe disable vuklan, and disable-accelerated-2d-canvas as a start

Check stats for nerds and GPU task manager, with just youtube playing. Stick with 1080p playback

I’ll try, but it’s hard for me to believe it’s a GPU. Resource Monitor shows 3% GPU usage. High consumption is on the disk and CPU. This consumption shows even with 1 tab open, regular web, without multimedia and videos.

Was responding to the other user having issues in the same thread, I wouldn’t say its a GPU issue for yourself

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