Pop-up screen of recent downloads


After downloading a file I always get a pop-up screen with a list of previous downloads.

How can I stop this pop-up screen.

Brave Version : 1.51.114

Windows 11 home : version 22H2 build : 22621.1702


Are you talking about the thing in the toolbar next to the URL bar? If so, this is coming from changes to Chromium; it is more similar to the Firefox UI for downloads.

If you really can’t stand it there is a flag in brave://flags where you can revert it to the old behavior, but bear in mind that option could disappear at any time. My recommendation would be to just get used to it, it isn’t really a big deal functionally (and frankly a lot of people, myself included, hated the old giant downloads bar at the bottom of the screen).

If you’re talking about something else please share a screenshot.

Yes I am talking about the download icon in toolbar, right upper corner next to menu icon. see screenshot.
Can you tell me the name of flag “revert to old behavior” ?

If you’d rather have the download bar appear at the bottom of the screen as it did before instead of the bubble you’re seeing now, please go to brave://flags, search for #download-bubble and set the flag’s value to Disabled and relaunch the browser when prompted.

I prefer the big download bar at the bottom of the screen, as for me the pop-up screen annoyed me, not the icon on top.

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