Download Bar at Bottom of Browser Removed. Why?

The Download Bar under the //flags (“Enable Download Bubble” and “Enable download Bubble v2”) has been removed. Why???

I do not like the download bubble as the default. I prefer the original download bar that appears at the bottom of the browser.

I am asking that the following //flags be restored (“Enable Download Bubble” and “Enable download Bubble v2”) so I can disable the download bubble and opt to use the original download bar at the bottom of the bottom of the browser instead.

Thank you!


Same problem here. Is very annoying.
I hate the bubble.


I’ve heard that it’s an upstream change from Chromium, but they should really add it back, I think. Not sure why Chromium forced us all to go to the download bubble instead of giving users the choice.


for me its really a down-grade.


I agree , Brave needs to fix this error some how


I honestly feel like the people that make these changes don’t actually use their own products – and they definitely don’t communicate with people who do before they make changes.

Anyway, it looks like you can report Chromium bugs/issues:

So that may be where to complain about this problem.


I don’t understand why they couldn’t make this optional as the top bar is already too congested.
I had to painfully downgrade to a October stable release until some plugin is made to bring back the bottom bar download or I’ll just find another browser.

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Need this fixed as well, either within Brave or with an extension

Agreed, please restore the Download Shelf/Bar as an option, either in the actual settings or just the flag. PLEASE.

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Agree as well. This is very inconvenient to have an extra step to access downloaded files. Please return the option to have the bar at the bottom on the download. There should at least be a choice to enable it.


Where did you get the October stable release. I had one from August, and uninstalled Brave to install the August version, and it put me right back to Version 1.60.110, I have been trying for 2 days but it always goes to the new version and I can’t seem to get the old versions to install now.

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Try this method, It will work.

Depending on your OS you can find the last stable October release:

I didn’t download it from there because I couldn’t find the specific Windows 10 64bit only version (BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup64.exe).

I found my download here:

You will need to prevent Brave from updating by (assuming you are using Windows) opening services. msc, then find Brave Update Service (brave) and Brave Update Service (brave), go to their Properties and set their Startup type to Manual or better yet Disable.
You might want to disable the BraveUpdate.exe updater too as it will keep popping up every time you open and close the browser.
If your on Win 64 bit it should be located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Update”
I just rename the file to BraveUpdate.exe.old
After that when you start up Brave it might take a few minutes to open but it should open normally fast after that.

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