Repeat of "How do I get downloads to show at the bottom of the screen?"

Description of the issue:
The download bar no longer shows at the bottom (or anywhere) on Brave during or after a download.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Select a file for download from a site
  2. Note the distinct lack of the Download Bar on Brave during and after the download
  3. Scratch your head in wonder as to how this could occur

Expected result:
When one or more files are downloaded, I expect the Download Bar to appear as it has for years now, tracking the status of the download.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.50.114 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:
This is a repeat of the unanswered “How do I get downloads to show at the bottom of the screen?” topic (How do I get downloads to show at the bottom of the screen?)

I am running the same version of Brave on multiple Windows computers and they are all misbehaving identically, that is - no Download Bar appears.

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Is it this? Beta version download behavior - #4 by Dan33185

(If so, beware that that flag could be taken away by Chromium at some future point.)

Go to “brave://flags/” and look for 2 flags that mention Enable download bubble. Disablethem, and it restores the shelf.


thank you man, you are my hero:)))))

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Thank you for this! This helped a lot!

This fixed the problem for me, too.
But how did it arise ? There’s no way I could have accidentally enabled those flags.
And there are dire warnings of using an experimental feature. This feature isn’t experimental, it’s been the default for years.

The flags didn’t change, the default behavior did, in upstream Chromium.

The flags will revert the setting to the older behavior, for now. The ‘old’ version is now the ‘experimental’ one, which could be removed by the Chromium team at a future point.

(BTW it looks like drag 'n drop works from the new bubble, I believe in another thread someone was concerned that that functionality was gone. Looks like it’s still there.)

Why not add a setting to manage these flags??? I hunted for a good long while searching for the way to return the download bar., expecting it to be in settings.

Well, it’s Chromium-based, so for better or for worse we are downstream of most things that happen in Chromium. Not all of them will be universally loved.

You could probably file an issue here, or, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s already one.

The setting is there, it’s called “flags” :slight_smile:
Anyway, as mentioned above, this is a Chromium feature. Brave may not even be aware of these changes.

It’s dangerous for Brave to add something that is not under their control. Chromium could change it anytime and leave Brave setting unusable.

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