Annoying download popup

For some reason, after the latest update ,every time I download something an annoying download list drops down from the top taskbar listing the downloads, which I have to click away from for it to close. Previously downloads used to show at the bottom of the browser which was fine.
Is there any way of moving this back or turning it off as it’s very annoying?

go to brave://flags and disable flags called ‘Download bubble’ and ‘Download Bubble V2’ .

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Thank you ever so much!

Thanks for this. I appreciate the background upgrades, but changing basic functionality like this already tripped me up twice in a half hour! I hope the devs will consider not making a new ‘feature’ like this automatic in future.

BTW. Any changes to chromium are pushed to brave since it’s chromium based, therefore nothing can be done at the moment.

Not every change to Chromium lands in Brave :slightly_smiling_face: Brave makes quote a few change to the Chromium code-base with each new build. We document many of these on GitHub. See for more information.


Thanks for clearing that out!


They enabled this annoying option themselves, it wasn’t forced from Chromium. This should be a toggle in the settings.

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