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Hello, first of all I’m sorry if this topic has already been opened, I tried searching for it but didnt find anythinf. Also I’m not very good in english & everything really confuse me but heres the problem.
I use brave for now more than a year and everything was fine, never had any issue with it. But lately when I try to download stuff, instead of appearing at the bottom of the screen like it used to do, it appear on the left of the search bar. It really annoys me cause first of all, I can’t check quickly how the file is downloading but also cause I sometimes need to download a lot of stuff and it just interrupt my typing. I tried looking in the options, can’t find a thing. I tried to download an old version but I’m not sure it worked (& it was rlly complicated) and it didnt change anything. If someone know how to resolve this I’ll be more than grateful. Thank you in advance

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See here:

If this option isn’t available anymore (alluded to in this post)

Then I’m afraid there isn’t any way to do this anymore. Potential way to circumvent this (but I can’t advise this) is (Assuming win10):
-Copying your user data folder located here C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\ as a failsafe
-Pasting it elsewhere (like desktop or Documents)
-Renaming the User Data folder in appdata folder
-Uninstalling Brave
-Reinstalling an older version (here is a version with the option I mention above still available; Grab BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe. If it still updates during the setup process, I’m sorry I’m not able to help further)
-If this is successful, use windows to search “Task Scheduler”, open that, go to “Task Scheduler Library”, and disable the two BraveUpdater tasks.
-Open Brave and do the brave://flags/ thing mentioned above, then close Brave
-Delete all the files in the new User Data folder, then copy the contents of the renamed User Data except the “Last Version” file over to the new folder
Expected result should be the “old” Brave you were using. If this isn’t the case, I apologize. Again, for browser safety reasons, I can’t actually advise this. This is only an option if you decide to personally go for it. Only other option is to move over to another browser if able. You will either have to look up how to import data to a new browser, or someone else would have to let you know how if that’s even possible.

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Hello, it worked thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver!