Please just fix the issues you have with handling bandwith

I’ve been with Brave a long time and lived through all the crashing bugs they used to have (yeh, still happens sometimes, but not as much). Sometime this last year you did an upgrade that just decides seemingly randomly give up on the internet. I just get spinning wheels in the tabs and have to completely restart to get things functioning again. No troubles on my other browser. So now I re-downloaded Chrome for when I really need to get work done. Please just fix this, we need a functional browser, not a fancy one.

I’m not sure about the spinning wheels and bandwidth (seems to be different issues?), Is it specific sites you’re having issue with? Have you tried a clean Brave profile? @Lance-R

Try installing Brave Beta, which installs a different profile.

The spinning wheels just means that it is having trouble refreshing tabs. I don’t think it could be a profile since it gets cured when I restart Brave. It affects all tabs, all sites when it occurs.