Brave has been unbearable slow to nonresponsive

I don’t exactly remember when it 1st started but a few weeks back Brave started to become incredibly slow for me. After using it for a while, newly opened tabs are refusing to load up any webpages and I’m now frequently getting a ‘this page is nonresponsive’ notice box. I had uninstalled and fresh installed it yesterday hoping it would help and while I thought it did the trick, it seems Brave has reverted back to its old ways.

My only real extensions are uBlock Origin, Adobe, and SearchBar which I’ve used for years now without issue. Checked my settings to see if anything was wrong to no avail. I know my net speed is fine because I’m streaming on other devices with no issue and when playing around in Edge just to be sure, I had no issues at all with speed. I’m also sync’d to Brave on mobile and haven’t had any issues there. Anyone know what might be causing all this?

i’m on macos 11.6 - i had this problem and it got fixed after posting / i think it might have something to do with my bookmarks being large file (33.7mb) < every time i add bookmarks like 100 it adds a lot more file size way more than i would think a bookmark size would be / but now i have similar problem again / before it was like 50 seconds spinning wheel on new tab but not on private tab < got fixed / now it’s when i type into the search box i keep getting spinning wheel whether i’m on private browser or not / so every time i try to enter a search or a url in the window i get a spinning wheel while i’m typing it in and it doesn’t fill in and i have to wait a while and then it fills in and goes to the page / my bookmarks file size makes using bookmarks (adding and editing) very slow on other browsers but is fast on brave / if I open a new profile in brave without any bookmarks then when I type in the search url box it’s fast and I don’t get any delay or spinning wheel

Can you please create a new/fresh profile and test to see if you get the same results there? Please ensure that you only have one Brave window (with the new profile) open when performing this test.

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