Brave, So much potential now just a massive failure it seems!

Brave is still slow and completely stalls for minutes at a time and has made using my favourite broswer quite a pain to the extent I’m now looking back at alternatives.

I had so much hope for this browser but 2 year long issues that CAN’T seem to be fixed is a bismal show of support in all honesty. There have been multiple threads about this issue alone and I have never seen a single solution that works.

Sadly Brave has now become the hiccup in my workflow that really causes me to loose a lot of time.

Such a shame, you guys had such potential only to see it all go so horiible wrong. Not just the software but the support team who doesn’t seem to have ANY solutions.

Its sad as this tool had so much to offer!


I run brave on a samsung tablet, phone and an inexpensive laptop all on dsl internet with max 20mbps download speed. I have no issues with the speed of brave compared to chrome. What sort of speed issues are you having? Videos? Random pages? Or did you just need to vent?


I’m not referring ton speed of my internet bandwidth, I’m referring to the speed of the functionality of the app due to the constant freezes the browser has.


Does it freeze on specific sites or randomly? Mine has never froze, so there must be a reason yours is.

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Sorry but no, there are no specific sites it freezes on, also this has been an ongoing issue here on forums for over a year for many users. I’m simply refreshing the post so support can see just how much they are dropping the ball for a second year. This is NOT an isolated issue to me. If you are not experiencing the issue, maybe refrain from adding to this post, we really need users to populate this thread with actual experiences and possible fixes.


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I will gladly refrain from helping you. Enjoy your day.


I don’t see this. I’ve been helping out here quite often and don’t see many speak of having this as an issue. We have helped people troubleshoot issues where there was a higher CPU usage and all. Typically we find that was caused by extensions within the browser.

This is a new post, you didn’t refresh anything. Also I find it interesting that your account here was only created 5 hours ago. So never had prior posts or anything, unless you’re saying that you’re one of the people who creates accounts to come here and create drama but never work toward a solution, therefore getting your past account suspended?

How about you do the same? Let’s break it down.

  1. What version of Brave are you using?
  2. What operating system are you on? (I know originally said Windows, but which version?)
  3. Are you using any extensions?
  4. Have you tried opening in New Private Window? If so, did anything change?
  5. Have you tried creating a New Profile? If so, did anything change?
  6. Can you describe what you mean when you say it’s slow or stalls? For example, is this slowness or stall happening when trying to open Brave initially? Or is it only when navigating to websites? Perhaps only when accessing videos? Give as much detail as possible in regards to what you’re trying to do and what you say is happening within Brave.
  7. Have you checked your CPU both on your computer and your browser task manager?

And btw, one such Topic where support did help and resolve is uBlockOrigin (uBO) causing high CPU in Brave since March 10th update


@Halftone ,

I use Brave Browser for its stated purpose: Security and Privacy. I did not choose Brave Browser for conveniences that are features of, for example, Chrome.

Brave Browser – re its stated purpose – has many controls, options, preferences, settings, whichever of those, are a browser user’s notion of Settings.

Learning about the Settings, is not easy. Using Brave Browser – for its stated purpose – requires study, a lot of reading, some testing, some trial and error, and particularly:

A willingness of the user, to be prepared for failure. By, routinely backing up the important data.


I began using brave for exactly the same reasons since its first release. I understand and accepted that the browser may experience some issues.

The concern is that the functionality seems to going backwards concerning the freezing issue. This is the first real issue that has made using the browser a pain.

On bad days the browser will freeze the whole desktop multiple times and hour for 1 to 2 minutes. This makes production very tedious.

I will admit that my frustration is made worse by the fact that I truly love the browser.

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Hi @Halftone can you provide links to your initial reports along with a clear description of your issue? Thank you.


Do you have Hardware Acceleration turned on? That’s the first thing I check. If so, try turning it off and see if it changes anything?

No I don’t, that was actually a solution from a previous thread but did not work for me and others.

Thanks though


@steeven is trying to help you. That’s the one guy on this thread who’s help you should not refrain from taking.

Have not experience major issues with brave, but I gotta chime in here to notify myself in the future, maybe OP will provide specific instance soon that I/we be able to replicate and so a proper report could be made… also maybe OP provide specific instance and will give me some info on some bugs I have not experienced yet…

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