Brave Rewards and Brave Creators

Hello everybody
So, I’m not understanding the system about the rewards. When I open a new tab, the brave’s wallet tells me that i have 1.9 BAT
But, when I open the Brave Rewards Creators it’s said that I have 19.95 BAT
And when I open the Uphold account that 19.95 BAT doesn’t show in the balance

If someone could please explain me what I’m missing here I appreciate.
Thanks for reading.

Hello @ovany.

  • your brave:rewards wallet is user’s in browser wallet and not related to your account. It’s two different wallet with different purpose. That’s why you not see your BAT on your creator account. And vice versa.
  • brave:rewards is a wallet to manage user’s Auto-contribute, tipping, and ads earning.
  • while is a place where creators manage their properties (channel/site)
  • BAT from creators account will be deposited to connected Uphold account around 8th every month.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.


Ohhhh ok, now I got it.
Thank you so much for explaining!
Have a nice day!