Received 3.5x less BATS then must be

So there is just 2 screenshots:

and then this

So it is 842 in brave account (almost all of them, at least 800 was received before 1st august)
And 263 received on uphold. Can you explain please @steeven this situation?

What you received must be tipped bats and others must be referrals, in this case you’ll soon receive referal rewards.

The same thing happened to me, I received tipped bat earlier and today an hour ago I received referral amount.


i have no tipped bats at all. Tips even doesnt work in my country as i know

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Then all you can do is “wait”. Publisher payouts are in process.


There is update for interface.

821.95 must be paid. At the moment is 263. Will see what will be soon


I haven’t got the complete payment either, it showed me that the estimated pending rewards are 11bat but I received 7 bats.
That’s just weird.

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Closing for now as payment is still processing.