I don’t receive my entire rewards?

For several months I have had 4.75 BAT obtained by using my YouTube referral link.

The minimum amount per Brave deposit is 5 BAT, but in this month of June 2020, I added 12 BAT because there was a download, installation and 30 days of use with my referral link.

I was very surprised that Brave only transferred the corresponding to the last download and again left the old 4.75 BAT pending.

Why didn’t Brave deposit all of my BATs to me?

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@JuanMolina: Referral (Brave download) system is totally different from the BAT rewards you obtain by using Brave/seeing Brave Ads. They even have different payout dates.

= Just keep using browser & don’t worry.
BAT is safely stored in your uniquely identifiable wallet. You can’t lose it… Funds will eventually be transferred to your Uphold account once you reach the threshold (…but don’t sum the two. BAT ads and referral systems are: separate.)

@eljuno: one side question, which is easy to answer so I can use this topic instead of starting a new one:

I just registered as Creator and got several referral links, each for the single property I own.

Can I select either one of them and promote Brave on Instagram** for example? Or must referral link match site it was registered under?


** - any unsupported platform, ie V Kontakte, IG, FB, etc.

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