Brave rewards payout. Only 1/3 BAT received on Uphold?

Hello, I have 362.45 BAT Payout In Progress. However, today I received on Uphold only 131.3 BAT. Can you someone explain to me why this was happening? I have 16 confirmed also. Other BATs are from the users who send the tips.

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An update about payment, now I received another 52.25 BATs. I can understand how this payments are processed. If somebody have information please explaine. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I didn’t get any amount in my uphold wallet pls help.

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My friend, you will receive your BATs on Uphold wallet for sure. I believe in Brave team. They are still improving some stuffs.

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@mr.cyborg @sm2314 today payout is for contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous month. Contribution that you received after that period will be paid next month.

Also, payout will happens in “separate batch”. Referral payout and contribution payout.


Thank you for all informations :slight_smile:

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