Pink strip in bookmarks manager

Once opened bookmarks manager there is a very obtrusive, ugly pink strip right at the top of it with extra options like setting, brave reward, history etc.
how can i remove it or change to white color to bland it with the page?

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@Taner welcome to the community
the “ugly pink strip” was a UI choice if you really hate it that much, make a request at #brave-feature-requests then cc @Mattches

Thank you so very much…

There is millions of “requests”. Not worth it. It will be faster just to remove brave and go back to yandex which is very heavy type of browser and slower too but super safe. I liked very much brave from September last year till recent massive changes. It was serving me with no glitches… Pink! …am i a girl? well, one never knows :-)))))



Did you know that pink was once considered a boys color.

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Are you serious? You mean boys or boys-gays? that’s my serious question… I did not know it. far out! But it is punching you eyes if you open it from say watching a movie. I have no option but get used to it, ay? …I love brave otherwise… they just f…ing too much lately. And i heard google wants to buy it… if so… end of brave.

Actually boys not gays, boys. I just gave you a fashion history lesson go and read up on that.

fashion… he says! LOL LOL LOL

And paint bedroom sealing black with scattered yellow angels here and there … it would be a fashion too in your books? LoL.

Just teasing you. No hard feelings, please.

Ok, That could not be possibly an international trend, would it? … The Brave guys originate from Europe, Sweden… It is not uncommon in certain countries of Europe to gift to a boy a bunch of flowers for his birthday… weird as it sounds… I am from Sydney… A boy coming to school wearing anything however little but in pink - he is finished to the point he would have to change school. Flowers here are unthinkable to gift to a boy… It would be a mortal offence to him and so the brutality of this “football yobbos country” goes. :-)) Just so you know :slight_smile:

It was an international trend and no color belongs to a gender it is just how good your marketing for that color is. If you say something loud and long enough people will start to believe it to be true. Same way fake news works. They just stay loud till people start to believe.

Same way fake news works. They just stay loud till people start to believe.

Spot on! I agree. No argument from me. Then again… falling into that trap sets one firmly on the lowest rang of a society’s ladder. That layer these days is occupied by the majority of any society on the planet called a mob. Well perhaps excluding Russian society. There is only 60% of rock bottom upright walking animals :-))

There are no boy colors.
There are no girl colors.
There are only colors.

Instead of leaving a feature request to remove it – a better idea may be to request to allow users to alter the nav bar colors or (this would be my request), perhaps the nav bar colors match the UI/theme settings, showing gradients that match the theme.

Also, for what it’s worth, Brave team members do read through all these requests.

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