Could it be possible to change the color of the top bar in settings?

I find it a very “passionate” color and I don’t think it quite fits with the overall “boring” dark theme I try to keep consistent throughout my computer.

It would be nice it users could make it any color they want. Or, though not as customizable and thus —in my humble opinion— not as ideal, at least have some alternative color options to the pink gradient (like the same dark and light hues the rest of the browser has).

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I agree 100%. I really like Brave and want to use only Brave, but the more I use it, the more pissed off I get because of the stinking hot pink top bar being crammed down my throat. Between that and a desktop full of stinking orange shortcuts I have just about had it with Brave. Such a wonderful product but two forced unchangeable dumbass colors have me ready to uninstall.