Colors are all over the Place

So after a Windows Update Brave changed the link color to green. Well that’s not bugging me to much, but what’s annoying is this pinkish stain to all images. I tried installing new themes via the Chrome-Store, but it doesn’t change. Here is a example (Same Picture oppened in Chrome and Brave):
Chrome (also in Edge working fine)





Hey BigBrainFab,

You said Windows is updated, but is your browser up-to-date?

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It says so

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Does this happen in a private window or in a different profile?

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Even am facing the same issue, pinkish browser. Am facing this issue for 2 days.
It behaves the same either in a normal or private browser.

see the attachments that I have provided. This is irritating :frowning:

Well, since you tried it in a new profile and private window, can you try deleting the old installer (not Brave itself, just the installer if you still have it) downloading a new installer from, and reinstalling it from the new download?

Hi @Adrian_02,

I just created the profile to post the issue to get some ans, I have been using BRAVE from several months and only on private window for content consumption.

I did as you asked, installed using the new installer without uninstalling the browser. Still same issue :’(

see the attachme


In that case, can you first try making a new profile and seeing if the screen is still giving you problems?

If it is, you can try downloading either or to see if the issue persists in either of them?

Ok sure, give me couple of min I will try your steps & get back to you.
Should I uninstall the current version before installing Nightly/beta?

No, you can keep all of them individually. Just keep in mind that if you’re concerned about your BAT, it won’t be shared between them just because they’re on your PC.

However, I would suggest trying out a new profile first, just to make sure. It is possible that it could be either your settings or your extensions that might be causing the issue, so that would narrow it down for me if it is either of those issues.

Dude, u hav 2 help me on this!..
1st - How to check on which profile is my current browser is running on.
2nd - How to change from one profile 2 another
3rd - How to verify that I have chnaged profile.

Ah, excuse me.

To make a new profile, you click on Customize and control Brave in the top right corner, to the left of the puzzle piece/extension manager. Then, you all you need to do is add a name and press done to create another profile.

By default, you only have one profile. After you make another one, you should see a new icon right next to Customize and control Brave, which will let you see which profile you are on, and your other profiles, shown below.

If you need anything else, just let me know.

I don’t have tht option

I did try going to settings > Get started > Profile & icon
After that gave a name and selected a avatar, ther is no DONE button … wt to do nxt?

Here is the update on this, both Nightly & Beta are behaving same as current browser and giving out pinkish browser



Well, if it’s still affecting fresh installs of Brave, it might be related to your settings, then. Can you turn off hardware acceleration in your settings?

Either search for it or scroll down past Additional Settings, and you should be able to find it.

That did the trick. Thanks @Adrian_02

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Welcome to the community!
A technical section will solve it for guys probably.

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