All Bookmark Folders Are No Longer Yellow - Windows 10 Desktop

I’m using the latest version of Brave with Windows 10 and all of my bookmark folders have changed to a Grey Box/White fill yesterday. I could’ve sworn they were yellow before like you see using Chrome. I’ve tried clearing all cache/cookies and even restarting my computer. Nothing has worked.

Anybody know how to fix this? I’m hoping I won’t have to reinstall brave browser and risk losing my BAT earnings for the month.

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It’s a recent changes available with latest version. Release Channel 1.28.105

Alright, well that sucks. They really should give people the option to switch back. I don’t like the new look at all.


Feel free to voice you opinion over here:

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I don’t like the new folder icons either - very wishy washy.

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Google did this to Chrome. But then I got a fix for it. Chrome now has the yellow icons back. On my theme they are much better.

Hopefully this sort of silliness comes to an end. I hate when they are just forced on the users without a means to choose.
Imagine if ALL toilet paper manufacturers decided to supply sand paper with no option.

Imagine the outrage if the governments of all countries made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory,

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