Brave, new version, new color!


Just upgraded Brave to vers. 1.19.86 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96. Do you guys have changed the dark-color? For a moment I thought I had opened Opera! :smiley:

Is there any way to turn back the old dark-color (something like #393939)?



I also came here to remark about the “dark” theme… looks like the color was changed around the bookmark/address bar area and the previous color was perfect and I would like a revert. It’s harder to read when you type in the address bar now.


I, personally, like this new dark theme, with a bit of blue in it :))
And the fact that there were added new pictures for new tab is awesome :heart:

You can change the color theme in the settings. I found out because my color scheme was still light grey and I wanted to see if could find the dark theme for use on my system.

Yes. Agree with you! A bit of blue would be acceptable. Or this color code #2b343d. :slight_smile:

I’m not a bit fan =/ is there a way to go back to the regular dark theme ? why forcing a new one instead of just adding it to the dropdown as “dark blue” or something like that ?

Also the Incognito theme wish I had the old one! Don’t like this blue version! :frowning:

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The colors are terrible. The light version is impossible to read, terrible accessibility performance this way. I actually reverte back to Chrome because I can’t read these tabs. Also all default themes from the store are imported really ugly compared to how they should be

I dont like this new dark blue color, the old dark was perfect! Now I need to select GTK

Just updated to latest Mac version. I do NOT like the new logo - the white background makes it look like an iOS app, not a desktop app. Loose the white background and go back to the prior look - just the lion head.