Change Brave's Bookmark Folders Icon 📂

Hello brave.

As of 2020, there are so many resources scattered around the web that bookmarks are essential to remember what tool you are in. So many that my bookmarks are arranged in many folders. I have even eliminated the name in each one of them with the intention of having more space and it is really comfortable to click on the pure icon of the requested web page knowing with precision where it will take you.

I really like the fact that bookmarks automatically add the website favicon, but when it comes to folders they are all the same.

From the user experience, it can take a while to recognize which folder has the right tools for your current task. So to resolve this confusion I would recommend a couple of options:

Right-click> Edit> Change Favicon Folder> Load 16x16 PNG Image Add an advanced option that updates the folder icon (parent) to the first bookmark icon (child) within the folder

Currently, I am separating each folder with a letter or a small word which could lead some space to other bookmarks

One last thing I would like to recommend you adding is that sometimes the icons are black and can disappear on the bookmark bar. It would be great to have a tool that can change the icon color into negative or positive depending on the case and even better in an automatized way.

This feature is something that no other browser has, but I know you will be the first.

I love you guys!
Thanks for your help.

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Please This is something I’ve been hoping for