The White Line Under Address and Bookmarks Bar

I installed Brave today. Been looking for a browser like this for quite some time. My issue is with this white line that is causing me some trouble. It appears to be more apparent when you use a dark theme and it’s causing me discomfort because I can’t seem not to focus on it. Now, someone posted about this and literally got nothing done in 2019 and I hope I don’t get the same negligence regarding something that can be erased in an instance by the developers. These are 2 screenshots showing the issue. I hope this gets fixed in future updates.

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Settings>Brave Colors
change to dark

also why is the youtube logo crossed out :rofl:

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Thanks yo!!! Fastest most bizarre reply I have ever seen in my entire life. Regarding that thing you asked about, I’m just hiding anything private, that’s all. Thanks for the help again. Saved me a great pain :smiley:

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

Also lol I literally was just checking if I got a reply to my post, then saw this post, and had run into it (when i was on windows, if I use a dark theme on linux, brave auto defaults to dark), so it never hurts to provide an answer!

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I was happy to learn about this new browser but that line was ruining it for me. You just saved me from that horrifying line. It looks perfect now! You have my absolute thanks :+1:


Great! No worries hehe :slight_smile: