Payout still processing!

Hey @steeven the problem is not solved yet, I get BAT when uphold member sends me on other verified channels like Reddit but when I get BAT on my Github account it just adds up on the brave content creators page but it isn’t deposited to uphold

HI @Abdul1103, the September payout hasn’t started yet, it’s in 10 days.

I think we now get the option to disconnect uphold and connect Gemini account will try that and see will the payout process

Hey, @steeven I disconnected my uphold account and connected my Gemini account and on the payout day, all bats disappeared, Please help!

Hi @Abdul1103, are you referring to your Creator account or device?

I’m referring to both, Sir!

Payments are still processing for ads and haven’t yet started for Creators.

Device payments are now processed but it got paid out in uphold for some reason, I did connect my Gemini account around 1 week ago and I’ll see and let you know if my creator’s payouts process this time or not, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @steeven the payouts haven’t been processed yet, I’m talking about the creator’s payouts here, I’m experiencing this issue for about 6-7 months now please solve this issue ASAP and now I have disconnected my Uphold account and connected Gemini, Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi @Abdul1103, your account is now active. I’m unlocked it, and you’re all set to receive this month.

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Thanks a lot! @steeven

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