Publishers Payout Not Processing

Hey Folks,

I’ve had about 18 BAT (well over the 5 BAT payout threshold) in my publishers account since December. The publishers account is linked to my verified Uphold account. Every month it says “Payout Report is Currently Generating”, but the payout never comes.

I know it’s not much BAT, but this is kind of annoying. Is there a way to ensure that the payout goes through this month?



Hi @Cowabunga - thanks for reporting. What’s the email linked to your account? Please DM.


Just DM’d you. Thanks!

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hey @steeven i got the same problem… didn’t recieve my payout since last 2 months even though its above the threshold.

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Hi @steeven, The same problem happens to me, please could you help me. Greetings.

I am facing the same problem

@steeven, I have same problem as well.

Same here. I connected my Uphold account and just received some payments, but there are a lot from my channels that I connected before that I can’t get into Uphold. I also cannot connect my verified website to Uphold. I do not want to delete it for fear that I’ll lose the BAT already associated with it.

Seems like a similar issue with mine, I have BAT over the required threshold for the payout.

I am connected to my Uphold wallet, my channel was created back in February 2020, the last deposit date was 2020-09-10 and when I checked the status for 2nd week of March it indicated that: “Payout Report is Currently Generating”, but the payout never comes.


I have same problem as well.
i sent you DM

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@Cowabunga did u get a reply from steeven or anyone from the brave support team
i am facing the same problem since December.

@botroy I did get a reply! I actually meant to mark this as solved, but it’s been a busy week.

Anyway, he didn’t say what was causing the problem, but he told me the BAT would be deposited into my Uphold account on Tuesday of last week, and it went through exactly as promised.

weird i been sending my email and never get a reply. I wonder if its because they owed me 256 BAT

Already DM’ed… Waiting for it