Sir Don't received my payout in my uphold account from brave contributer account

Sir, I am Anirudha… I have some bat token more than 5 bat in my brave contributer account… I received is 2months before. But before near about 7-9days it show me that next payout date is 8 April. But suddenly before 4 days it dont show the payout date. It showing again that minimum balance for payout is 5 bat. My account is verified . i dont received my payout till now… So please sir help me and give may 1st payout please. I was waiting 3 months for this payout. So please Don’t believe our trust.
Thank you

Hi @Arloani, payout is still in process. Please read Support’s thread and follow it for any updates:

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The same problem.i dont recived my pay

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I have the same problem, i don’t receive my payout since february. please help me

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Lets see what happen… Already oneday gone.

Same… Problem here…

Same problem… I also have been waiting and waiting and waiting…

pls sir, i need this or i will do a bank robbari. matherfak!

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