Creators Payout Not Processed

Hi there,

I have just under 14 BAT which is visible in my creators account:

I have linked it to my verified Uphold account, but I have not received a pay-out since December.

Is this an issue on my end, or is there a way to force a pay-out for the following month?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @blazerman53 - payouts will begin to process on the 8th.

will be the last payment?

Sir last month i got only 2 bat out of 136 will i get all of them in this month please reply

Hi @steeven, thanks for the quick response. I will keep a look out for any deposits, and update this thread accordingly.

Just following up on my payout status; I saw that this thread stated it was “Complete”, but I still did not receive anything. Here is a screenshot as of today:

@steeven, please advise on what the issue could be. I can send any relevant information via DMs.


same problem here i still have my abt too

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mine says same thing with the last current balance showing, but the payment was made to uphold, check your uphold account its probably there

Thanks for the advice, but there’s nothing in my wallet. I have the mobile app, so I usually get a notification when Brave deposits something, but nothing new has appeared since December.

me have the same problem!

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Tengo el mismo problema @steeven

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