Can't start a payout on a Creator account

Hello, im having problems with withdrawing my bat balance from a creator account. Just below the balance the ‘payout progress’ section always says ‘the payout report is currently generating’ even though I’ve never tried to start a payout. My account is connected to uphold and that card is also empty. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my accounts. I think my account is stuck or something. Thanks for any help

U shouldent need to claim, the payout are supposed to be automatic.

The issue is that i have had this creator account since January and i never received any automatic payout.

I see … well in that case u will have to contact @steeven directly, he will adwise u on what info to message him so he can possibly ressolve this issue.

Okay update, i checked my email and my Uphold account was only created on the 12th of March. Since from what I can tell so far the payouts are being processed on the 8th of every month, I basically just missed the last month’s payout right? I should wait for updates on the post you’ve linked, and if the payouts are finished processing I should post another update here?

I think u may have to wait for next month, though im not intirely sure.
I myself are still waiting to see if ill get a payout this month, i didnt get one last month due to some issue that i hope is resolved this time around.

Will hope for the best in both our cases, but u can for sure try reaching out if payout processing is concluded and u havent gotten ur bat.

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