"Payout In Progress" forever for creators account

I have seen several posts about this error but there is no public solution posted.

I have tried to move website, reconnect Uphold etc etc, but BAT balance in Creators Account still showing as “Payout in Progress” and it has been for very very long time and will not move/change.

Anyone know how to solve this?

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same issue here. since 2 days still progress

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@steeven @Mattches I have 9.26 batcoin , not paid, same error

13 march payment ?


Wait for some time guys you’ll probably receive it yesterday

did you receive payment ?

Unfortunately I don’t know much about the Creator process, but if it’s anything like Rewards part, the payments are still processing and it takes a little time.

Sadly it often takes up to 2 weeks for all payments to process and send from Brave each month. It’s a roll of the dice on where you’ll fit on receiving payments. Sometimes it’s immediate and others, it’s at the tail end. Payments start sending somewhere around the 8th. So as you can see, not even been a week yet. That said, all but Uphold have been completed. You should see movement on it this week.

I hope this problem is resolved quickly.

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