Payments For Referral Programs From July To August From 5 Blocked Countries

Following up on the thread from @steeven that is here Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries , for a list of 5 blocked countries a final payment will be made on September 8 for accounts that are not suspended.

but until now I have not received any response from Brave, the payment status on my account is also missing.

It has been 3 months since Brave has not made payments to the publisher or creator, then what about the threads that have been created here Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries ???

When will Brave pay all publishers or creators in the list of 5 blocked countries?

Maybe some publishers and creators have started getting annoyed with problems like this that take 3 months to wait for payment.

Did you disconnect your Uphold and connect a Gemini wallet?

@steeven no, i had connected my uphold wallet
here the image

What’s the email linked to your account?

i had been send DM my email address too 2 month ago
here’s my email address : [email protected]

I can’t see my referral status?
Please help me

where you from sir ?

Thanks @dekachavid. I’ve filed an issue with the publisher team to investigate.

Hi @steeven how about my payout for this month ??
this is will not getting paid again ??

Thanks @dekachavid, checking now on what’s going on. Are you verified with Uphold or Gemini?

@steeven im using verified Uphold

nothing happend in my account ???

Thanks @dekachavid, reviewing.

Hi @dekachavid, it looks like you began the process of creating a Gemini account. Is this correct?

@steeven no steev, i never using gemini account im only using uphold for receiving the BAT

hi @steeven - can you please reply to my DM

[email protected]

my payment from creator to uphold is not done since past two month kindly help me out

i need my payout amount this month

hi @steeven im not getting paid again for this month ??

lol brave is sucks!