August Payment Not Received

Dear @steeven

This Month I’m Not Receive My Payment

Yesterday Screenshot

Today Screenshot

Best Regards
Frisga Andriana Johan


Panelnya masih ada ato udah hilang ?

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i got same here :frowning: hope fix soon

I have NOT received my payment for this month

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same issue, last day i saw it’s In Progress, but now the progress gone and the balance still on my Publisher account, not moved to Uphold Account


I had the same issue. Yesterday the payout was in progress, and according to the progress bar it was about 95% complete. But today, there is no payout in progress, nothing has been added to Uphold.

Possible useful info: The balance in my Creators account also increased at the end of the day yesterday (I believe there was revenue from my YouTube channel). I don’t know if this is related.


tip from user and bat from referral is not related bro, when the payment on progress(1 more step point) usually it will added to our uphold, and later another email will come(sample u got bat from tip), since August 2019 i usually receive 2-3 email info bat added, and at the date 5(now is 8) all the bat added to uphold

and once again, we have to wait for @steeven to give us an answer. mine pending 2 month now :slight_smile: and both always receive 95% on progress then gone, no payment

ada di bales sesuwatu ama doi gan ?

yes, it looks like we have to be patient.
I have experienced a late payment from Brave Creator in January 2020, and received it after being 10 days late (18 Jan 2020)

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Please DM the email linked to your account and I will review asap.

Dear @steeven

Thanks For Your Response :slight_smile:

I’m Already Sent You DM

Same case with me. My last payment received was July 08.

Hi @steeven, do you mind if I send you a DM as well? Thanks

Still be patient to wait :slight_smile:
From this post, unpaid reward will be paid on September 8th.

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Any news about frozen BAT balances in creators account?

Hi @steeven ,
I send you DM 2 days ago. Check please

Last month @steeven said please sent the mail and detail in DM, august now aswell, but till now there’s no follow up to this case, clarify please @steeven publisher is a part of this growth too right?

it seems like today there is still no payment in August, let’s be more patient :slight_smile:

my payment also not recived