Paying out missing Creator payments

Dear Brave Creator community -

It has come to our attention that a number of creators were missed in the most recent payout due to bugs in our new settlement pipeline, used for the first time this month. The bugs affected those creators who were with us early on in the program ( before 2018 ) and those who received their first earnings in the last two days at the end of the month. The new settlement pipeline will enable many improvements, including the ability to perform more frequent payouts. . As an exercise of these new capabilities we are going to run another settlement on this new system and make payments this week for the Creators that were missed. We will update this post as soon those payments are being made.

We would also like to take this time to announce that as part of this most recent payout we have held some payments associated with suspicious activities in certain geographic fraud hotspots. We are still reviewing the activities in question and hope to complete our investigation in time for the next regularly scheduled monthly payout.

Due to the coordinated activities we have noticed from certain countries, the Brave Creators program will be making following policy changes;

  1. A fully verified Uphold wallet will be required to enroll in the referral program
  2. Creators based out of countries with a disproportionate amount of coordinated fraud will no longer be eligible to enroll in the referral program.
  3. We will retrospectively begin enforcing these requirements / restrictions for existing Creators who are participating in the referral program over the next 90 days

We thank you for your patience and understanding in these matters. Please use this thread for questions,we will update as we have new information to share.

The Brave Rewards Team


A mi no me llego el pago este 8 de Mayo. y los confirmados de este mes no me a sumado los bat tal cual debería de ser.

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hi @steeven please let us know:

  1. Will uphold wallet be the only payment gateway in the coming time? (The automatic payment system upgrade from your side)
  2. Please list the countries on the blacklist
  3. If possible please switch to weekly payment
    Thanks brave

Thank You

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Was rejected with the appeal. I hope you will look into it.
Thank You

Thanks, Hope to see your new updates as soon as possible.

Esta faltando que acrediten correctamente los bats este mes de los referidos y las estadisticas están mal por favor acomodar eso.

Ademas mi cuenta fue suspendida por favor la necesito tengo todo correctamente

Will we receive payment in May this week?

Por que no están acreditando los bats completos de los confirmados de este mes ese monto esta errado por favor solucionar eso equipo de brave.

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a mi tambien me sale asi no me acreditan conpleto los bat , pueden ofrecer una respuesta por favor se los agradeceria algun admin que nos ayude @steeven

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Hi @Zack_666 - the missing payments are expected to process later this week, possibly next.


Hi steeven . I checked my account and it not connected to uphold . I have BAT token in march but if i connect now can i get pay out in later this week or in june

so April’s unpaid sales will be paid by the end of this week? There is currently no re-billing generated

@steeven have you got any ideas how i can resolve it. Many Thanks

My account was not billed in May. I think it was an error. I unlinked the uphold and I have linked back then. Does the action affect the payment process?

These are the accounts that will be paid out as mentioned above - The bugs affected those creators who were with us early on in the program ( before 2018 ) and those who received their first earnings in the last two days at the end of the month.

Thanks, I got my BAT back on Android brave wallet.

Will April payments be due tomorrow or the end of this month?