Brave Creator payment not received

Hi guys,

I understand that Brave Creator payment is made every 8th of the month, but so far nothing. During the month of May the same thing happened, but I thought it could be related because the problems with Brave Ads payments, so I decided to wait.

I must say that I have my Uphold account fully verified. I’m not getting any error messages, so I don’t understand what could be wrong.

I would appreciate your help, please.

There’s nothing we can do about it. I am facing the same issue and so far nobody has told me anything about it.
Brave Team is quiet. Paying creators is one of the most essential things for a company like Brave and they are not doing that.
Many are affected and there’s no solution for it.

What you can do is DM @steeven and hope that he might be able to solve this issue. I’ve done the same.
Honestly I am starting to lose faith in Brave. Let’s hope we get the payment we deserved and earned.

it probably has to do with the resource that went into focusing on fraud.

It’s not like they are releasing payments one by one manually. There are systems set for that. Now I don’t know how things work but what I know is that creators are affected and we were not notified about this earlier and we are not notified about this now. There should not be problems like this in the first place.

I am from India and my company and site is based in US. Majority of my visitors are from US. Majority of the people in my groups are from US or Germany. Out of 59 referrals, 56 are from US.
My uphold is ID verified and there was and is no error in my dashboard.
Why was I affected then? Only Brave Team knows. And what about future? Referrals I can understand but Tips? People who tipped me, what about those tips? Will they get them back since I have not reveived them in my uphold account?

Too many questions and no answers. Implementing a fraud detection system is a great news but that should not affect normal users. What’s next? They’ll not pay next month too and then will say that they have updated their fraud detecting system?

No excuse for this. All creators should be paid what they earn. Other issues, new systems, updates, all that can be done anytime during the month.

Hi @helc4991 - please send me a DM when you have a moment. Thank you.

Hi @dhyanubhardwaj - I can help to take a closer look at your account. Can you DM me the email linked? Thank you in advance.

Is that mandatory for user who don’t received creator payment this month to send DM? Maybe there a lot of people who join as brave publishers for the first time and they don’t know about this community. They got no payment and they just left it and thingking its just like another company.
Sorry i just try to look from other side.

Nope, just a helpful tool for troubleshooting.

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