Did anyone get publisher payment to Uphold? Just asking , I know about megathread

Did anyone get publisher payment to Uphold? Just asking , I know about megathread

not sure if this post for ads reward only or publisher too but check it

I wrote publisher for referrals

then sorry for my miss understanding but i meant if this post i mentioned if for ads only or publisher also

Yes. I received mine. And others also received theirs. Like First Month as creator with Verified Uphold since Feb 2019? (PAYOUT NOW RECEIVED)

Thanks for your patience @kolindarko


Can you answer please @eljuno , will partners from 5 blocked countries receive rewards for previous months? In july you said that we will receive it in august payment, so what?

I still didnt recive mine. Hope I will come today.

I haven’t received the payment yet and the report is not generated yet. (The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.)
I used to get paid every month.

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Russia, Ukraine, China and 2 more (don’t remember exactly which ones). In june Brave team announced that there is fraud activity from this countries and we will receive our last payments and users from these countries will not count anymore. In july we have not received anything and guys from brave tell us that we will receive all our last payments in august. So there is no payments at the moment. I understand that blocking measures were probably necessary, but what about people like me? I bringed thousends of users for brave, and i really hope to receive some feedback from Brave team

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I am not from the blocked countries and haven’t received the payment yet. (The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.)

Cuando recibiste el pago @eljuno ? Yo aun no he recibido algun pago, cuando empezara el proceso de pagos???

Yes, I’m pretty sure about that. I’m also from that country @Tatianab.

@Lebspirit @MARCE.LIEBANO of you see it, it’s still processing Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

Thanks all for your patience.

hi @Tatianab thanks for explained, and i have same issued here

hi @eljuno So for publishers in the blocked country list can’t bring in users with referral urls anymore?

I am concerned because the payments are always punctual and it is already 9 and there is still no indication that they are processing the corresponding payments, do you have any information?

From the end of the article linked above @MARCE.LIEBANO

Are payouts still processing? Although Brave creators payout transactions begin on August 8th, it may take some time to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress (see above or below ).

At least for now @dekachavid . You should not see the referral section too in your creator dashboard.

I am a new creator/publisher joined last month (i.e July) ,I have a tipping of 30 bat in my Brave publisher Account, Will I receive those in this month (i.e August) or is there any delay in payout for new creators!


did you recive yours?

no , waiting for it! Wbu?

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