Payments For Referral Programs From July To August From 5 Blocked Countries

@dekachavid, the team is actively investigating what’s cause this issue. I assure you that you will receive your payment.

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OK, but when can I receive my payment?
because I’ve waited too long for this problem

Hi @dekachavid, trying to get a firm timeline for this.

@steeven okay I will wait for the latest information for the problem that I am experiencing

hi @steeven, how about my account ?
and then i got this email about this Referral Program Announcement

so when my account will getting paid ???

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Hi @dekachavid a fix was put in place that did not work, and the team is working on a new one.

Will the brave paid me this month ??

Hopefully this week.

hello sir, i had reffered some people in september ,a total of 38 bat ,19 from refferals and 19 from tips,i received only 50% but the the other 19 bat is still in my refferal dashboard it has not been crideted yet. i also heard that brave is winding up their refferal programs, so i just want to know will i receive my refferal rewards for the previous months ??

Hi @steeven

When exactly do we must delete our links in our channels, please (sorry if I’ve missed the information) ?
Thanks in advance

@steeven, until when will the referral payment program be enabled? and will it activate again?

@steeven Greetings, I really do not understand itself, will the payment date be changed or how will the matter with referral payments be?


As mentionned, it should be earlier in 2021.

hi @steeven i’m still not getting paid at this month!

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only the referral program ends or also the BAT received from ads?

Reading the announcement would help first

–> the referral program…

and where can I found the announcements? I just received an email about this matter

There is a link in the first sentence of the e-mail you’re received: click to open it.

and… you’re welcome !

nothing in the announcements that implies whether or not we can still receive BAT from ads. I guess I’ll just need to wait for Nov. 23 to find the answer to my question. thanks anyway