Brave publishers: 2 months without receiving payment from brave creators

Hello! @steeven another month without receiving payment from creators, I did not receive the payment in October nor this payment in November. what happened to my payment?

I have the same issue!

@gabigjlc - thank you for letting me know. We have an active issue that the payments team is investigating.

I am having same issue my brave creators account is showing 0.00 but my mobile browser is showing 37. Ive set uphold up been verified there then it went hogwash so now i am using gemini and am verified there but it dont matter nothing is showing up recieved payments grants that i get only showing in browser but not rewards account

ok it’s fine @steeven, but will I receive my payment this month or do I have to wait for the next month?

My hope is that you’ll receive it this month.

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