Payment of BAT not received in time

DID not recieved my october reward. i was about to recieve 1.98 bat suddenly it dissappeared.

Till yesterday I was showing Reward Arriving in 1 Days over there. But today nothing is showing there and I did not even receive the BAT in Uphold account , so what should I do now?


Same happened with me I don’t know what’s the reason behind that. Please reply you get the solution.


I only have claims in September, October, I don’t have it.

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Me too facing the same issue, we need a solution for it. if anyone know what the problem is please reply.
thank you.


If its Uphold you use, the status says payments are still pending in yellow. Meaning they are still processing them. If its green and you still havn’t recieved your rewards, then thats when I would let them know.

where it shows payment is processing?
In my profile it totally disappeared.

It shows it as the first post that is pinned in brave community. scroll up on this page and you would see the post “brave Ads payout status”

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okay, I understood.
I am a new user.
thank you for your reply!

Same here i too not got the bat and it got disappeared completely from the dashboard.


Where can I see those colors?

There is no pinned post that says “brave Ads payout status”

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I’m having the same issue. Was supposed to receive 3 BAT into my account two days ago and still nothing. I have a Gemini account that is linked and verified but still haven’t received anything even tho i’ve been using the browser since September.

Hopefully someone figures this out cuz I just signed up for this and convinced a bunch of my friends to sign up too, and now it just looks like a scam =/


i did not get yet jan month rewards

it doesn’t work for anyone, what a scam

Do you guys have a wallet connected? I just connected my Gemini Wallet and I still haven’t received anything, but on the top it says processing for Gemini Wallet. Before I connected my wallet I ran into this issue once before where it took a day or 2 extra to get paid. I hope it goes through soon.

Absolutely the same problem, support service, can you tell me when the charges will be made ?

Same problem here. There was a payout for November 8 but did not receive it and could not find it. About $4.99

I don’t understand why my BAT amount is sent to Brave internationale instead to Uphold account for the month of october.

same happened with me bro

I haven’t received my first October payment and I can’t find where it shows the details. Everything is at 0