Payment of BAT not received in time

okay cool, I too faced the same issue, just scroll up this page at the top you can see the payment details(as Brave Ads Payout status:). I received my payout today morning.
wait with patience. let’s hope for best
Uphold and Gemini Payments are in processing.

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same issue here, the same thing every month. this is getting really annoying

I don’t see that anymore. Saw it yesterday but now it’s gone

Hi, exactly the same thing happens to me, today is November 9 and no news!

I had same problem. 2.75 bats. The account showed for October only 0.25 deposited. Why the 90 % loss in transfer ?

Does any know the dates the program run from?

I had about 2.75 and the deposited amount was 0.25. Sounds like the company cannot pay out now. reducing payments???

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