Paying out missing Creator payments

Any update for this situation?

hi @steeven tomorow will pay all sales for april ?

@steeven please update

@sampson any update ?

As soon as the payments are made I will update the thread and let you know.

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yes we hope payout will send in today

What Exatly happened in here??

@steeven @sampson hi bro . any update ?

Hello, @loved4g. Our team is handling a few different issues presently. Some relating to publisher payouts (which, I believe those are all resolved). The latest Android and iOS update addressed the majority of user issues. There does appear to be a couple remaining issues that users are facing, which we’re investigating. We’ll have an update shortly to Android which will assist us in diagnosing the issue(s) faced by users more easily, thus allowing us to resolve problems more promptly.

Please continue to be patient with us as we work to deliver a better experience. In the meantime, please do not uninstall or modify the browser in any way in an attempt to resolve this issue yourself, as that would most certainly result in permanent loss of rewards.

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it’s a reward for watching ads. a reward for referrals, unpaid users for April


You said will paid out for missing publisher in May. But i haven’t still received any reward @steeven

We are Refferal Publishers, not claiming BAT from Ads :frowning:


Today is the last week, will i receive my miss payment?

Thank you

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thanks recevied my payment

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Are you confused here? We are wondering about May payments to publishers. Do not pay the brave advertising

Hello, thank you for the frequent updates. However, I still do not receive my payment for May, can you please, and as I have seen, many others do not received theirs, too. Can you please collect our information (account or something you need) and check? Otherwise, you might just forget to process our payments.

I have not received my creator BAT , nor my BAT from receiving ads. seriously it will of been a month soon.

they haven’t paid yet. No one has received it yet

@bacdat09 get out, selfish guy!

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This Brave reward system/app is amazing! It’s also completely understandable that there will be bugs along the way. As such, I was unable to claim rewards this month. So, I figured I would delete iOS mobile app, and reinstall in hopes that everything would recover through sync option. Then later finding out sync option was buggy, I had to start over settings/reward from scratch. Due to this decision, I lost 83 BAT. Curious, at this moment, is there anything I can do to recover my original app settings/rewards? Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.