I received payment from Brave Creators today MAY 28 without ending the month

Have you already received payment from Brave Creators? I have received it on May 28 !!!

I have always received payments between 8-10 the following month, but this month without ending the month, I have received payment. Why? It’s a mistake? There are still days during this month.


On PC or mobile? How many BAT?

On my Uphold account.

I mean BATs by referrals and by donations to my sites as content creator.

They have always paid it the 8-9 days of the following month (that should have been the payment between June 8-9).

The question is, why? The month of May has not ended and I have received the payment in Uphold.

Oh ok …you’re a PC user? And a publisher?

Yes, of course, I have my YouTube and Twitter accounts linked.

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It seems like a glitch, some have their BAT disappeared and you’ll have BAT received :joy:

Lucky you

Hi @Ensaladilla please see - Paying out missing Creator payments.

These payments went out last night.

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Thank for the info Steeven.

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