Creator account uphold connection changes

i recently opened my creator account and this notification appears . I didn’t do any changes in my uphold . so if i just leave this as it is will i recieve my payout this month or not ? i recived the payout previous month
or i need to reconnect my uphold , and in that case i will definetly wont recieve the rewards this month

@Saoiray @rodrige

You should try reconnecting.

Hello @Kay146

Could you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Creator Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

I have the exact same issue:

Unable to resolve a connection issue with my Creator account

Reconnecting temporarily resolves the problem, but the notification always returns the following day. Support have been unable to help me.

@SaltyBanana I opened Creator support issue 178899 for this 3 weeks ago and still unresolved.

@sonicdream my issue is resolved when i reconnected 3 days ago . It occurs because of uphold security changes .

Seems like you are OK then, my notification keeps returning every day.

I opened a ticket with Uphold support who checked my account and told me everything is fine and they told me to seek help from Brave support, so I did, but Brave support don’t seem to be able to do anything.

Hi @sonicdream taking a look at your ticket.

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Hey @SaltyBanana I’ve had this issue for over a year now and there are others reporting it on the forums who have just given up and left it (as I have done). Is this fixable yet because last time I reported it nobody seemed to offer any solutions except to disconnect and reconnect which works for about 24 hours before reverting back again.

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This turned out for a friend like that, they will not pay you this month since it happened to me and a friend was not paid for the month of February on top of that, they suspended her! The creator is not fair, I already made the claim and I’m still waiting for the response of the error that this happens due to its updates and this ad does not solve it as the photo shows and that I did nothing what the message says! And this happens all the time that when I checked it again, this came out and that’s how they suspended me and they didn’t pay me for the month of February. I hope they respond to this email, which is my content creator and if any admin looks at my case and please help me, yes. ! @saoiray @rodrige

We haven’t been paid out for February yet. I’ve have the same warning notice for almost a year now but the payments still arrive in my Uphold account, so you still might get yours in a few days.

Hi everyone,

Could you kindly reply to this post with your ticket number and I can take a closer look.
Please note that Creator payouts are still pending for this month.

If you would like to keep updated on the Creators payout. You can follow this thread for the latest.


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