April creator payout is not received. sor why did you closed it

hello sir I’m hari, im an brave-creator i had almost 20 BAT to be credited to my uphold by this April. but I haven’t got my payment yet still its 24th of April. where is my april payout when will get them and why im not getting. please respond @steeven I had Direct message you as many as 3 times but still no response. kindly look into it. this should be an healthy relationship between brave browser and creator.

thank you
looking for the payment

If you sign up on the 1-5th day of a month, you won’t get the payout on that month’s fifth; it’s next month.

i signed up in 2020. the payment is regular till march

Ah mi tampoco me pagaron!!!:angry::angry::angry:

@hari2 did you end up receiving?